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Train Hard : RowPerfect Benchmarking

27 Nov

RowPerfect Testing

20 minutes

459 energy


23.9 avg strokes

2.12 split

2.7 recovery

1.43 max

32.1 stroke rate max

478 strokes

Train Hard : Second Benchmarking

24 Nov

20 minutes at rate 24

Split : 2:10:1 for 500m average

158.8 watts

282 calories


Train Hard : First Benchmarking

17 Nov

Rate 18, 30 minute piece

Split time : 2:18:8 average 500m

120 drag


130.8 watts


Also went to my Virgin gym after for a run on the treadmill:

2km : 8:38m

And did some weights:

Tricep, Bicep, Shoulder, and Core

Be Happy : TRC Oktoberfest Party

10 Nov


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