Train Hard : Back on the bike – it’s been a while!

25 Jan 25/01/2013 8:37am Cycle To Work Total distance: 12.52 km (7.8 mi) Total time: 46:54 Moving time: 43:55 Average speed: 16.01 km/h (9.9 mi/h) Average moving speed: 17.10 km/h (10.6 mi/h) Max speed: 29.92 km/h (18.6 mi/h) Average pace: 3.75 min/km (6.0 min/mi) Average moving pace: 3.51 min/km (5.6 min/mi) Fastest pace: 2.01 min/km (3.2 min/mile) Max elevation: 92 m (301 ft) Min elevation: 48 m (156 ft) Elevation gain: 158 m (519 ft) Max grade: 10 % Min grade: -6 % Recorded: 25/01/2013 8:37am It’s been a while since the white wheels left Waldron Road! It was a really nice ride in though – little bit nippy, but nothing a thermal baselayer and gloves couldn’t fix! In fact I’d worked up quite a sweat by the time I got into the office – it was a well needed shower – shame the office shower has no power, just a trickle! Not too annoyed about getting lost though – the detour took me round Notting Hill, where my office used to be, so it was nice to be back roubd there. I remember why it’s called Notting Hill too!


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