Be Happy : These things are sent to try us!

3 Feb

So whilst resting my injury (and in a rather rare and unnatural state of relaxation for me) from training, I picked up a rather nasty cough.

Triggered by asthma – and possibly irritated further by a food intolerance and the weather – after a week or so it turned into a chest infection.

I’ve been given a week’s worth of antibiotics and a new inhaler – preventative, as well as the reliever I have – to take each day to help relieve the inflammation.

Fingers crossed it clears up soon – I’ve already had to miss two weeks of training due to injury, much more and I’ll go stir crazy!

I’m also slightly fearing the effect of reversability on fitness, and I’ve not touched an erg for some time – the next RowPerfect test should be interesting!


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