Terminology : DOMS, DOMS, DOMS

14 Feb

So, here we have it – DOMS.



And so what does this mean to the average Joe? :

Delayed onset muscle soreness is the pain felt 24-48 hours after exercise due to an increase in intensity or your muscles simply being unprepared for the work they took on.

The cause of the pain is due to the muscle suffering micro tears during the exercise.

DOMS can be increased during the eccentric phase of muscle contraction. This is generally known as the lowering phase. For example the lowering of a weight during a bicep curl.

Eccentric contractions have 3 to 4 times more effect than concentric, and therefore a workout consisting of eccentric muscle work is likely to cause increased chance of DOMS.

And why am I explaining DOMS on a Thursday morning??

Well, the workout at training on Tuesday has taken its toll!

Being a huge fan of forefoot running doesn’t do me many favours either! I’ll come back to forefoot running later, as there are actually plenty of benefits to this style of running – if done with care, and with a proper warm up and warm down!

So right now my calves are my worst enemy! Wearing heels today is the only option to gradually stretch them back out!


More on DOMS later today πŸ™‚

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