Be Happy : 3 doses of antibiotics, a flu jab and an x-ray later …

14 Mar

So, it’s been about 2 months now, and I still have this rotten cough.

Our coach Jon decided it would be best for my health that I don’t race this weekend, and so I have been taken out of the boat for the Kingston Head.

I went to the doctors Tuesday, and was given more antibiotics – these ones are clarithromycin, instead of the amoxycillin that I was given on the last two visits.
I also had the flu jab – probably a little late, given that I have asthma I should have had this as winter started!
And a referral to the hospital for an x-ray on my chest, which I have just been for. The doctor seemed to think it is most likely problems caused by asthma, but wanted to get me x-rayed just in case.

So this week I am taking it easy!
Previous weeks I would try and rest, but due to races always ended up having a mid-week night outing, and so my lungs have never really had a chance to rest and recover.

I’ll be going down to watch the girls in Kingston on Saturday, and if the weather is nice I hope to be out sculling with Chris on Sunday – I haven’t been out in the scull since Xmas, so I’m really looking forward to that 🙂


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