Train Hard : Sprint Season Training : on the RowPerfect

27 Mar

Sprint Season Training : on the RowPerfect

I’ve been resting for almost 2 full weeks now, trying to shift this cough, and so far so good.
It’s much better than it was 4 weeks ago, although still not clear, I now think it’s just a case of the asthma rather than an infection. So I need to remember to keep taking the brown inhaler.

Anyway – tonight’s session was my first for the Sprint Season training …

Sprint Training

Discipline : RowPerfect

Rate : Mixed

  • 2 mins @ Rate 18 : 5km split + 20 seconds
  • 90 seconds @ Rate 28 : 5km split
  • 90 seconds @ free rate : 5km split – 10 seconds

Time : 40 mins

And my results:

Distance : 9134m

Energy : 344kj

Strokes : 110

Average split : 2 min

Average power : 143.2w

Average Stoke Rate : 27.5

Drive/Recovery Ratio : 1.86

Maximal Power : 246w

Maximal Split : 1.47.2

Maximal Stoke Rate : 37.6

Drive/Recovery Ratio : 11.04

So despite the coughing, I didn’t feel too bad.

The last 3 minutes hurt, and Jacqui and Anna were shouting at us from behind to make us push harder and harder.

In the last 30 seconds I could feel the lactic acid rising from my stomach up to my throat and I was really worried I’d be sick – like one of the lads from the squad was! – however I managed to keep it down, and finish gracefully!

I’ll be using those figures to work from next week! 🙂


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