Train Hard : 2km Testing!

15 Apr

So it’s been a quiet couple of weeks – I’ve finally shifted the cough, and I’m back on it.

I’ve been working on the weights, but not been doing so much on the ergs due to work commitments, so I knew tonight would be a good test run. I’ve missed a fair few of the lactic tolerance sessions, so going into the test I was feeling pretty nervous! Plus, all of the indoor work I’ve done in the last 3 months have been on the RowPerfects – which makes getting the rate up much easier than on the ergs as you have the weight of the machine to push off from.

We warmed up with a few 200m bursts over 10 minutes to find our limits, and then straight into it after a couple of minutes break.

And to cut a painful 7.55 short, I finished it!

Time : 7.55.6
Average Split : 1.58.6
Average Stroke Rate : 31
Weight Pre-testing : 57.2kg

Split breakdown :
0-500m : 1.50.7
500-1000m : 2.01.6
1000-1500m : 2.01.9
1500-2000m : 2.01.4

So, a good benchmark to work from, and I certainly learnt a lesson from it!

The aim of a 2km is to go off quick, find a good pace and settle for the middle 1km, then bring it back up to the same speed as the first 500m for the last split.

In my case, I hit it far too hard in the first 500m – I think as low as 1.42 – and so couldn’t pick it back up at the finish.
Although I did well to keep consistent and not let it drop any further!

Given the level of fitness I thought I had before I went into it, and not knowing what to expect, I’m not at all disappointed with my time, and more importantly I’m looking forward to smashing it in the next test!


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