Not your usual food delivery to work…

24 Feb

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Of all my online purchases over the years, this probably caused the most entertaining discussion in my office! Having a large box arrive at work with bottles of egg whites had everyone puzzled. 'what could you possibly need that for?'… 'where do all the yolks go?' Egg whites are a great source of natural protein, and contain no fat or cholesterol. However don't fear the yolk! The yolk contains all the good nutrients; b & d vitamins and iron. Making omlettes and pancakes with one full egg, and three whites can increase your protein intake and fill you up, without increasing the cholesterol or fat. Subsequently, buying bottles of egg whites saves cracking eggs, only to then throw away the yolk. (Unless you fancy making lots of creme brulees with all the extra yolks 😋) #thosewhotrain #ifyouliftitthegainswillcome #protein #bulkpowders #activefoods #eggwhites #bottledeggs #healthyeating #fitness #eatwell #trainhard #behappy #eatwelltrainhardbehappy

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