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It’s been far to long.

17 Feb

My last post was September 8th 2013. It’s now February 17th 2018, and a lot has changed in those four and a half years!

It’s about time I kicked this off again.

As I said in my Instagram post on Friday …

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We all have to start somewhere… For me, getting back into fitness is always frustrating. There are times in life when I fall out of love with my training, and in the last 3 years I've struggled to get myself motivated and back to where I was when I was rowing. The frustration is that I know what I'm capable of and so when it comes to restarting, it almost always involves starting further back than I'd like to admit to myself. It's been a couple of months since I last hit the gym (shhhh, don't tell Joe!), but for the last 6 weeks I've been regularly climbing and pushing myself in new ways. I expected my fitness to have dropped to where I was before I started the #90daysssplan in October, however I was pleasantly surprised this evening when I took on my usual #HIIT workout on the bike, and followed it up with weights after. I'm even more happy with myself that I was able to manage 3 sets of hanging leg raises at the end of my workout, without falling from the bar! Turns out my grip has improved since climbing, and I have some lats at last! As annoying as it is, it's also nice to see I've got lots to improve on!!! There's far more swinging going on in this video than I'd like, but it's something I can work on – and it was right at the end of an hour workout, so my body was rinsed! Get those headphones on, your jam pumping and get those goals! #fitness #fitnessgoals #workout #gym #weights #hanginglegraises #focus #determination #climbandconquer #youonlyhaveyourselftoblame #fitspo #goals #gettingmyjamoninthegym #climbing #bouldering

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I’ve had many ups and downs over the last four and a half years, and as a result I simply fell out of love with my fitness.

But with those events in life over the last couple of years – coupled with many reminders that life is too short – I’ve decided it’s about time to show myself a little love again, and focus on what I know I enjoy.

I just need to find enough reminders for myself to get me back there.

So here goes. I’m back.


Train Hard, Rest Easy and Party like the Season’s Over!

26 Jul

I apologise for having been AWOL for a couple of weeks since the big race – but I haven’t gone, I’m still here – I’ve not retired early! I raced last weekend at Molesey Regatta, and am very much looking forward to the last couple of regattas before the season finishes for the summer.

You may have spotted I’ve been busy with the uploads to my instagram, and since Women’s Henley I’ve had a couple of weeks off to relax and catch-up with friends that I haven’t seen since October 2012, and make the most of the amazing weather we have recently been spoilt with!

Tonight is the End of Season party at the club – despite there still being a further two regattas in the novice race calendar! – but this weekend I have some spare time, and will update this page with the latest goings-on from South West London.

Be Happy : Blog Refresh!

15 May

Everyone deserves a little spring clean – and that doesn’t just apply to the car, or your home …

I’ve given my blog a little refresh ready for summer!

So welcome to the newly refreshed …


Train Hard, Eat Well, Be Happy


In the weeks to come, I’d like this site to become a tool for anyone interested in health, fitness and food!

A place to share tips, information, recipes and inspiration and motivation to others, along with my blog updates on my own training.

So to the gym-goers, fitness freaks and foodies – whether you are training for a marathon, want to lose a few pounds or just enjoy a good run around the park, this is for you!

Regular updates to be developed over the coming weeks will include:

Monday’s Motivator; for when you need that little bit of inspiration after a busy weekend!

Wednesday’s Workout; short and sweet workouts for you to have a go at – from exercises you can do at your desk, to stretches in the kitchen – and the best bit being, you won’t need to go out of your way to include a Wednesday Workout in your week!

Friday’s Factswhether it’s fitness related, or general health and diet – tips and reminders to keep you on the straight and narrow just before the weekend!

Sunday’s Serving; I love to bake and cook but Sunday afternoon is my only free time to do this, and so I plan to test out new gluten-free recipes on Sundays, and share them with you here.


I’m forever updating the site, and looking for ways to improve and keep it interesting and useful – therefore if anyone has any comments or questions they’d like to share, I’d LOVE to hear from you.


Meanwhile, Happy Wednesday!


– a fitness-freak with a passion for food and life!

Be Happy : Colgate Advert – Women’s Health – May 2013

25 Mar

It may not be to show off the ‘guns’, but the pearly whites will do for now!

Colgate Advert - Women's Health - May 2013

Colgate Advert – Women’s Health – May 2013

And so a month later, here it is, the published advert in this month’s issue of Women’s Health magazine (May 2013)

The photoshoot was a really good experience, and as one of the chosen 3 female models, we were each given Colgate Total Interdental Electric Toothbrushes to say thanks!

And it’s all thanks to the Superman onesie photo from our Plum Puds race that I used in with my entry!


Be Happy : TRC

30 Aug

I was a little early – perhaps a bit of an eager beaver! I overestimated how long it would take to get to the club from work, and so got to the club twenty minutes earlier than expected!

I sat and chatted to Ralph until the others turned up, and we discussed the impact of the Olympics on the squad.

Thames Rowing Club generally take on about 60 novices a year, and as the season goes on and weather gets worse numbers drop.

August 2012, TRC had interest from over 150 people, and Ralph was amazed by the popularity. The Gold rush of medals at the Sydney 2000 Olympics had increased numbers, however the impact of the London Olympics had become rather apparent.


5 others turned up, 2 girls and 3 guys, and we were taken on a tour of the facilities – the boathouse, and the club – before being taken up to the gym for a quick intro to the correct rowing technique on a rowing machine – also known as an ‘erg’ or an ‘ergo’, and a quick session in the indoor tank.

The facilities are great, and Ralph was really lovely.

He took our details and said he will be in touch within the next couple of weeks with information on the start of the season, and the training schedule.

Fingers crossed! 🙂

Be Happy : Post-Olympics 2013

30 Aug

The Road to Rio 2016 … or just the aftermath of London 2012 ?

I was there : Eton Dorney, 3rd August 2012.

Stood in the second stand with my mum, waving our flags …

mum and me at Eton

mum and me at Eton

We cheered as William Satch and George Nash won Bronze.

We screamed as  Katherine Grainer and Anna Watkins picked up Golds.

Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins

Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins

… and sobbed along with Alan Campbell as he was given his Bronze.

Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell

and I’m not going to lie … watching our athletes pick up their medals did give me a feeling of inspiration!

I was fortunate enough to get tickets to many events at both the Olympics and the Paralympics, and loved all the excitement and buzz of it!

lost but not lacking in inspiration

But once it was over – along with many others in London I’m sure – I felt a little lost, and felt a little like something was missing from my life!

Not wanting to let go of the magic of the games, I started researching into the sports I had seen. Living south of the river – close to Putney, famous for the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race – and always having been interested in rowing, I did a little bit of google investigation, and was so excited to realise that the rowing season runs each year from September through to the summer.

I emailed a few different clubs in the area, and received emails telling me that the clubs had had exceptional response to their novice squad recruitment  – so I wasn’t the only one that had been spurred on by the Olypmics!

There was one club however that from the very first email I got from them were incredibly friendly and welcoming, and not at all of the pretentious posery-attitude that I had always feared there may be with rowing.

thames rowing club

Having chatted to one of the coaches – Ralph – via emails, he invited me down to the club to have a look around and get a feel for the place.

So here we are – not even 4 weeks after watching the rowing at Eton – I am now standing outside Thames Rowing Club, about to meet with one of the coaches, and other prospective novice rowers in Putney!

Be Happy : Olympics 2013

4 Aug

Eton Dorney – 3rd August 2012

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