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Train Hard : Strapped up, good to go

2 May

As I was gearing up Tuesday morning, I was trying in vain to get my Polar Wearlink to connect to my phone before heading off to work on the bike, but to no avail.

I tried wetting the strap again – heart rate monitors require moisture between the electrodes and the skin to work – also turning the bluetooth on and off on my phone, removing the strap and then putting it back on … but none of the above worked!

Finally came to the conclusion that it’s not the phone … it’s me! Or at least it’s the battery, and so it requires me to buy a new one!

Anyway, brand new battery, and the strap is back to work!

I’ll be using it again later with my SportsTracker for the cycle back later.


Be Happy : Go go gadget Edwards!

8 Feb

So, I’ve been on the antibiotics for 5 days now, and the cough is almost clear.

Now I know it goes against most recommendations, but 2 weeks of injury and 2 weeks of infection is taking its toll.

Last week I had a delivery from eBay that got me rather excited!
I purchased myself a Polar Bluetooth Wearlink+.
Now for the average Joe, that’s a heart rate monitor, but the cool bit about it is that it is Bluetooth – therefore can connect to my phone and track my heart rate as I work out. Not only thay, but with the right apps, it can be plotted against time, distance and elevation for a full and thorough workout analysis.

I received it at work, and being too impatient to wait until I got home, disappeared off to the toilets to hook myself up to test it out!

Id purchased it second hand, therefore it came without the box, but it did have the manual with it. I’d rather use the word manual loosely though! There’s very little in it – its’ weight is made up with the various language versions for ‘attach, turn on, and go’!

It took a little while to suss it out, for several reasons.
Unlike my Bluetooth headphones – which, fyi I swear by for running and working out! – when the hrm is connected to the phone it doesn’t appear as being ‘connected’ with the Bluetooth. I managed to pair it up, but was expecting to see the usual connection symbol but this didn’t happen. I also then needed to find an app that would recognise it.

I downloaded various apps, and a few spotted the Polar iWL, however couldn’t connect.

I finally came across an app called Sports Tracker, and once I got outside and with some GPS signal, managed to connect to the monitor and went for a walk.

I only managed to get it fully working in the last five minutes as I got back to the office, so continued to test it from the desk!
I checked my pulse the manual way to compare for reliability, and the readout seemed pretty

Be Happy : Testing out the MapMyRide app

25 Jan

I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 5.77mi, time: 36:56, pace: 6:24min/mi, speed: 9.37mi/h. So, on the ride from work to our crew dinner at Charlotte L’s house I decided to test out a fitness app. I normally use Google’s own MyTracks for recording my rides and runs, and I’ve got quite attached to the features! But, with it being a map-based app, the look of the app isn’t so pretty, and I wanted to see if other dedicated sports apps have extra features. For this ride I used MapMyRide. The app itself looks quite nice – it’s much more designed than Google’s. The main menu has perhaps too many options for my liking though – I like the idea of being able to compare your routes with others, and log your food diary all in one app, but I don’t think it’s as advanced as MyFitnessPal, and so if I was keeping a food diary I would still use MFP instead. Recording your route is straightforward – like MyTracks, you hit the start button and off you go! Once you finish, press the pause/stop button and it saves it for you. One warning though – if you sign up with facebook, it updates your profile each time you use it! I need to find the option to turn this off! I’m not sure how long my friends will last till their bored of seeing all my outings! I don’t want to say much more about it just yet, as I’ve only used it for two short rides this evening. I’ll give it another couple of outings to test all the features before giving it a rating! Changing topic, crew dinner was really lovely. Charlotte, the stroke of the boat I was due to be racing in held the crew dinner at her house, and we all (minus 1 who couldn’t make it) met up to catch up, and prep for the race. A carb-loading dinner … although being weight-conscious ladies it was complex carbs and salad, but it was a really lovely evening. A bit of the usual gossip and swapping of tales from the river over dinner, and then down to the serious stuff over desert! Heather, the cox went through the plan for the race, and noted down recommendations from the crew as to ways to keep the girls motivated throughout the marshalling, and more importantly of course the race! I’m gutted I won’t be racing, but equally really excited for them all tomorrow, and it was great to join in the evening despite being on the bench, so to speak! I’ll be down on one of the bridges tomorrow to cheer them on and take photos. Might see if I can fit in a gym session and perhaps cycle down to the race to test out my app a little more. Fingers crossed I’ll also have my extra phone batteries and my mount for my bike handlebars so that I can see my phone as I cycle – then I can really test it all out!

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