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Be Happy : Physio at TRC

21 Jan

So, after a week off from training, I went to see the physio yesterday at TRC – Andrew Lawson.

After some interesting tests for muscle triggering, he came to the conclusion that my injury was a groin strain.

It seems I have a weak posterior chain, and therefore when rowing – in particular using the beloved RowPerfect – I have the tendency to use my adductors – the muscles on the inner thigh – to keep my legs straight and stop them wobbling about. In turn, this means that I am using my adductors much more than my quadriceps, and as time has gone on, they’ve got tighter and tighter until last weekend when they almost seized up!

He’s given me some exercise to work on – mainly to strengthen the glutes – I thought they were already pretty strong! The main one he’s suggested is the bridge exercise from yoga. This should activate the glutes and get them working again, along with the usual squats, lunges and one-legged squats!

So this week’s focus : gluteus maximus, medius and minimus.


Less of the train hard this week, more of the stretch gently

16 Jan

Well it seems Saturday’s session hit me harder than I had anticipated.

The 10KM row on the RowPerfect pulled something in my thigh – as to what muscle, and the extent of the damage, I am yet to find out.

During class on Tuesday we were learning exercises using stability balls, and as I lowered myself to squat with the ball against the wall I felt the pain come back into my thigh, and immediately had to stop.

My lecturer, Lincoln, helped me to stretch it out with a couple of different stretches.


First he tried the knee to shoulder stretch, to see if it was my piriformis – however this didn’t cause much pain, other than in the front of my hip/groin. He was baffled by this!

He then extended my left leg straight across my right leg, and tried to bring it up to a 90 degree angle to my right leg – as he did this I felt the pain shoot down my leg – bang, that’s the spot!

From his quick analysis he told me it’s something to do with an incredibly tight posterior chain, and that I need to do a lot of stretching to sort it out. He was surprised with the lack of flexibility with the stretch, and explained that tight glutes and hamstrings would most likely be the root of the problem. Overuse, tiredness, lack of hydration and lack of warming up prior to exercise probably did not help.

So, how to fix this?

Another evening off training, and I’m dying to get back to the club. My coaches have been great – they understand the importance of rest, and not wanting to make things worse as they see the bigger picture involved. We have the big races to come in February and March and they’ve said they want me to be fit for these, so the more care I take now, the better I’ll be for those races.

But it doesnt make it any easier – I’m rather impatient when it comes to healing and rest!

I’ve tried the same stretch at home again tonight to see if that helps, and I did it with both legs. It’s a little more complicated when you don’t have someone to pin one leg in place and bend the other! My makeshift version involved laying on the floor at the end of my bed with my right leg up against the edge of my bed, and then pulling my left leg round and holding it in place with a towel for leverage. Yep, if any of my housemates had come into my room at that point they would have wondered what on earth I was doing! But then they’ve seen me rolling around the kitchen on my grid roller, so they know what to expect!

It’s not the best method, however it’s working for now! I’ve found resistance bands for this particular stretch – they need to be fairly tough material – and will most likely order one in the next couple of days to make things a little easier!

I’ve also been in touch with the club’s physio, and I’m hoping to get a session booked in with him at the weekend to see what can be done, and what I can do to prevent it happening again.

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