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Train Hard : Sprint Season Training : on the RowPerfect

27 Mar

Sprint Season Training : on the RowPerfect

I’ve been resting for almost 2 full weeks now, trying to shift this cough, and so far so good.
It’s much better than it was 4 weeks ago, although still not clear, I now think it’s just a case of the asthma rather than an infection. So I need to remember to keep taking the brown inhaler.

Anyway – tonight’s session was my first for the Sprint Season training …

Sprint Training

Discipline : RowPerfect

Rate : Mixed

  • 2 mins @ Rate 18 : 5km split + 20 seconds
  • 90 seconds @ Rate 28 : 5km split
  • 90 seconds @ free rate : 5km split – 10 seconds

Time : 40 mins

And my results:

Distance : 9134m

Energy : 344kj

Strokes : 110

Average split : 2 min

Average power : 143.2w

Average Stoke Rate : 27.5

Drive/Recovery Ratio : 1.86

Maximal Power : 246w

Maximal Split : 1.47.2

Maximal Stoke Rate : 37.6

Drive/Recovery Ratio : 11.04

So despite the coughing, I didn’t feel too bad.

The last 3 minutes hurt, and Jacqui and Anna were shouting at us from behind to make us push harder and harder.

In the last 30 seconds I could feel the lactic acid rising from my stomach up to my throat and I was really worried I’d be sick – like one of the lads from the squad was! – however I managed to keep it down, and finish gracefully!

I’ll be using those figures to work from next week! 🙂


Train Hard : Testing Time!

20 Feb

So, tonight’s the night!

The final 5km RowPerfect testing this evening for the girls of the novice squad.

I’ve eaten so much today in prep for it!

Porridge for breakfast, some popchips as a mid-morning snack, chicken jambalaya for lunch, persian turkey for mid afternoon, followed by a banana. And several cups of coffee to keep me awake and kicking!

The last testing I did was the 5th of January, and my split was 2m.00s.03ms, giving me 20m.03s.05ms for the 5km test.


My aim is to break a 2 minute split – something that 5 months ago I would never have believed possible!

I remember sitting on one of the ergs in my gym a couple of days after my intro session to TRC, trying to pull an 8m.50s 2km, and getting 8m.48s – but that was hard! So to pull a 5km with a split of less than 2 minutes, I’m pulling almost a minute faster over 2km!

I may be at least 6 inches shorter than most of the big-pullers in our squad, but what I lack in height I aim to try and make up for in fitness and sheer determination!


I’ll be back later to let you know how I get on!

Be Happy : Instagram – 5th January 2013

5 Jan


Train Hard : Post-Xmas RowPerfect Benchmarking

5 Jan

So, having had a nice break away from the club over Christmas … well, a few days at least, today was the first fitness testing for 2013.

Discipline : RowPerfect

Rate : Capped at 28

Distance : 5km

Time : 20 min : 03 sec

Average split time : 2 min

Strokes : 565

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