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Train Hard : The once-over!

7 Mar

Ok, so I turned up to the club at half 6 for my medical/physical check with Jon.

I head to the RowPerfect before he arrives to give myself a warm up and see how I get on, and as I sit down I realise one of the coaches is sat next to me – Ralph!
He asked how I was, and commented on the dark circles around my eyes – ‘is that kohl, or just disease around your eyes?’ – charming!
He also told me not to go too hard as he had a feeling Jon had a test lined up for me. Yikes!

Anyway, I warm myself up for ten minutes, before moving over to the mats to stretch with the girls that keep arriving.

Jon eventually appears about five to seven, suggests I use the RowPerfect, to which I reply I have and he looks me up and down and says I ‘look and sound alright’!
Not sure that’s a 100% yes for Saturday just yet, but its a good start!

Will keep you posted as to the final verdict of course! But it seems the drowsy cough medicine’s done the trick for now.

Although in all honesty, I do feel one hundred times better than I did Tuesday evening, and I’ve been living with this cough for a while now, so I think I’m more than able to manage Saturday, although I am a little worried about being out in the cold and wet for 4 hours!!


Be Happy : My immune system has gone on strike

7 Mar

So I’ve been ill again this week with a virus.

Overtraining and not enough sleep, coupled with the lack of good healthy meals for the last few weeks and my immune system decided to take a holiday!

I’ve been at home 3 days, eating as much fruit and veg as I possibly can, drunk every cough medicine I could find in South-West London, and kept myself fully doped up on paracetamol and antibiotics to beat off the fever I’ve had!

I’ve just refurbed a long email from our coach Jon, insisting that I should only race this weekend if I’m 100%. I explained how I was feeling and he’s asked me to come to the club tonight, to test myself out on the RowPerfect, before going out in the boat.

The pressure is on, and I’m really desperate to be out there in that boat Saturday afternoon, racing for TRC!

Be Happy : These things are sent to try us!

3 Feb

So whilst resting my injury (and in a rather rare and unnatural state of relaxation for me) from training, I picked up a rather nasty cough.

Triggered by asthma – and possibly irritated further by a food intolerance and the weather – after a week or so it turned into a chest infection.

I’ve been given a week’s worth of antibiotics and a new inhaler – preventative, as well as the reliever I have – to take each day to help relieve the inflammation.

Fingers crossed it clears up soon – I’ve already had to miss two weeks of training due to injury, much more and I’ll go stir crazy!

I’m also slightly fearing the effect of reversability on fitness, and I’ve not touched an erg for some time – the next RowPerfect test should be interesting!

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