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Train Hard : Sprint Season Training : on the RowPerfect

27 Mar

Sprint Season Training : on the RowPerfect

I’ve been resting for almost 2 full weeks now, trying to shift this cough, and so far so good.
It’s much better than it was 4 weeks ago, although still not clear, I now think it’s just a case of the asthma rather than an infection. So I need to remember to keep taking the brown inhaler.

Anyway – tonight’s session was my first for the Sprint Season training …

Sprint Training

Discipline : RowPerfect

Rate : Mixed

  • 2 mins @ Rate 18 : 5km split + 20 seconds
  • 90 seconds @ Rate 28 : 5km split
  • 90 seconds @ free rate : 5km split – 10 seconds

Time : 40 mins

And my results:

Distance : 9134m

Energy : 344kj

Strokes : 110

Average split : 2 min

Average power : 143.2w

Average Stoke Rate : 27.5

Drive/Recovery Ratio : 1.86

Maximal Power : 246w

Maximal Split : 1.47.2

Maximal Stoke Rate : 37.6

Drive/Recovery Ratio : 11.04

So despite the coughing, I didn’t feel too bad.

The last 3 minutes hurt, and Jacqui and Anna were shouting at us from behind to make us push harder and harder.

In the last 30 seconds I could feel the lactic acid rising from my stomach up to my throat and I was really worried I’d be sick – like one of the lads from the squad was! – however I managed to keep it down, and finish gracefully!

I’ll be using those figures to work from next week! 🙂


Train Hard : The once-over!

7 Mar

Ok, so I turned up to the club at half 6 for my medical/physical check with Jon.

I head to the RowPerfect before he arrives to give myself a warm up and see how I get on, and as I sit down I realise one of the coaches is sat next to me – Ralph!
He asked how I was, and commented on the dark circles around my eyes – ‘is that kohl, or just disease around your eyes?’ – charming!
He also told me not to go too hard as he had a feeling Jon had a test lined up for me. Yikes!

Anyway, I warm myself up for ten minutes, before moving over to the mats to stretch with the girls that keep arriving.

Jon eventually appears about five to seven, suggests I use the RowPerfect, to which I reply I have and he looks me up and down and says I ‘look and sound alright’!
Not sure that’s a 100% yes for Saturday just yet, but its a good start!

Will keep you posted as to the final verdict of course! But it seems the drowsy cough medicine’s done the trick for now.

Although in all honesty, I do feel one hundred times better than I did Tuesday evening, and I’ve been living with this cough for a while now, so I think I’m more than able to manage Saturday, although I am a little worried about being out in the cold and wet for 4 hours!!

Train Hard : Post 5km Testing

21 Feb

So, I was a little too exhausted, and strangely excited after last nights’ testing to manage to report back!

However, I’m rather pleased I managed to smash my previous time and got myself a split of 1m57s09ms – total time 19m39s 🙂

The last 100m hurt a lot, and I could feel all of the food I’d rammed down yesterday starting to move back up in a bid for freedom(!), but I managed to stay on the seat and keep it down, and one of the lovely novice lads Ross was on hand with bottles of water and jelly babies to revive us all once we’d finished!

Our coaches, Ralph and Jacqui were a great help all the way through it – a little frightening at times with their bellowing and screaming at us, but it helped with concentration!

Once you’re ‘in the zone’, its easy to let something slip for focussing too much on something else.
The software display for our machines contain so much information, and you have twenty minutes to focus and smash it – its quite a lot for your head to deal with, especially after a long day of work!

I found myself focussing on the distance left, watching it chug down, (wishing I could find an extra foot of legs or arms to make it go a little quicker!). The problem is, focus on that over everything else, and you can find your stroke rate shooting up!

For our testing we have a set average stroke rate to stick to – this is to make it fair for everyone testing, to have a constant to measure by.
The stroke for this test was to be between 26 and 28, average across the 5km.

Now in theory, this means you have the space to go crazy in the first few strokes to set yourself a good split, however it’s all about pace in a 5km – going crazy for too long means you can burn out earlier than you’d like, so it’s a tough judgement!

I did get my rate up to the high 30s for the first 10 strokes but made sure to quickly drop it back down and watch my average stroke rate lower over the remaining 4500m.
And having Ralph shouting ‘stroke rate, Charlotte’ was enough to remind me to keep an eye on that – anything over 28 would be a test fail and would not count!

Anyway, it’s sessions like this that I wonder if I’m wired differently to others!
I do love the pressure of having to perform in a fitness capacity like a RowPerfect test!

There were 3 rounds of testing last night, and my group were lucky enough to be the first to go, which meant we got it over and done with without little time to sit and worry about it!
And in good team spirit we stuck around after a bit of stretching (we attempted a jog around the block to warm down, but it was far too cold and soon gave up on that!) to watch the others complete theirs and cheer them on! It’s nice having people to push you when you feel like you’re dying – it’s something I find really helps, so I like to be able to return the favour 🙂

Train Hard : RowPerfect Session

13 Feb


So, back on it and getting warmed up for next week’s testing.

Tonight’s piece was the 40 minute favourite!

10 minutes warm up at rate 18 followed by 6 sets of:

  • 2 minutes, rate 18, 5km split time + 20 seconds
  • 3 minutes, rate 26-28, 5km split time

So tonight I thought I’d go for it, and the aim was to see how low I could get my split in the 3 minutes.

I’m rather pleased to say I broke the 2 minute barrier, and was able to keep it there consistently!

My final split for the last 3 minutes was 1.58.9, although I went over the stroke rate slightly, but that’s the over-excitement of the final few strokes kicking in!

My leg managed to pull through the full 40 minutes, so I’m happy with that, however I still get the start of cramping in my glutes which is never pleasant. But fingers crossed I’ve now worked out how to push without triggering my adductors. I just need to focus on strengthening my glutes!

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